When you have so much lag that CSGO throws you to the streets of Vertigo. It may be quite surprising

Lag and other problems in CS: GO aren’t unusual, but in this case, the bug had some unexpected consequences.

CS: GO has a lot of technical problems that Valve has been trying to eliminate for quite a few years. However, lags are usually the fault of not so much the game itself as the player’s internet connection. Regardless of the reasons, sometimes slow internet means funny consequences.

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “S4bOTh”, who experienced technical problems while playing on Vertigo, found out about it. Suddenly his character began to go back until he finally found himself in the streets of Vertigo, literally.

When lag takes you to the bottom of the map

The situation is really very unusual and it happens extremely rarely. However, sometimes it does happen:


It’s kind of like a few years ago when playing on the “Downtown” map was something normal.

Those times will probably not come back, which is a pity, because as the comments in the Workshop show, a lot of people miss it.