Since the last update, CSGO has confirmed FPS drops by as much as 100 frames. How to fix it?

The CS: GO developers must have made a mistake with the latest update.

When it comes to Valve’s developers, it’s easy to admit that they aren’t perfect. There are times when they don’t release major updates at all or don’t fix major bugs in the game that actually impact the gameplay. Now, however, they have introduced an update that has caused a lot of people to have significant problems with the game’s performance. What is it all about?

Some players’ FPS drops by up to 100 frames

As a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, cadiaN wrote on his social media, CS:GO has performance issues:

The Heroic player’s entry was answered by Tim Cheung, a Faceit employee, who informed that there is a temporary solution to the problem with FPS in CS: GO:

At the moment, it is not known when Valve’s developers will attempt to fix this problem, but it is becoming quite common and serious, so it will definitely happen. For now, the only thing that remains is to use Cheung’s method.