Are CSGO players even able to say what server they are playing on? 64 vs 128 tickrate

A CSGO analyst proved that a large proportion of players would not notice any difference after switching to 128 tickrate servers.

It is well known that Valve’s servers run at 64 ticks, which is the standard for competing titles these days. Much of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community, however, is demanding the introduction of 128 tickrate servers. As one analyst kinsi has proved, most players would not even notice any difference.

Players without net_graph wouldn’t even notice the difference in tickrate?

A few years ago, “kinsi” conducted a social experiment that found that the average gamer is unable to distinguish between 47, 64, and 128 tickrate servers.

As you can see in the table below – some people correctly indicated 128 tickrate, but a lot depended on their effectiveness in the game. The more headshots a player scored, the more likely he was to choose 128 tick regardless of the server he was playing on.

It seems that it’s hard for players to tell how many ticks the server they’re playing on has. The more significant difference is the throwing grenades because some of them “fall” only on servers with a higher than 64 tickrate. As part of the experiment, however, these were turned off. Another big problem is movement techniques like bunnyhop and ventyhop, but these aren’t used very often by players.

Changing the servers to 128 tickrate is not a big change for Counter-Strike. Developers should focus on other issues, such as anti-cheat.