It was very close to being one of the most awkward moments in CSGO history

There have been many awkward situations in the history of esports games and tournaments. Some, however, have a happy ending.

There have been a few times in the history of esports where things get quite awkward. A large part of them concerned shaking hands, or, as in this case, nailing the “brofist”.

Just citing the interview with s1mple here seems enough:

Now it was close for history to repeat itself

During the BLAST tournament, one of the camera operators wanted to do a brofist with the players, but no one saw him. The image from this camera was displayed on the main screens, so the audience immediately engaged.


Of course, such moments are not of great importance to the tournament or to CS: GO itself. However, they are an important element of the entire atmosphere built by the community gathered around Valve’s production.

This often turns out to be the most important when it comes to the popularity of a given game. A lot of people are very dissatisfied with Valve’s moves, or rather the lack of it. Despite this, CS: GO is still a top FPS and it will not change for a long time.