10 hours. This is how long it took for players to introduce a fully functioning rocket launcher to CSGO

Valve very rarely changes the balance of the game, and modders show how much developers lose by it.

Most online games take a very fluid approach to balance, changing it every few weeks. CS: GO is a big exception in this, however, even the smallest change is heavily commented on, assessed, etc.

For this reason, it is hard to believe that a rocket launcher, for example, was added to CS: GO. And yet players once had the opportunity to fight with such weapons. However, it was in the not very popular Condition Zero, in the “Deleted Scenes” version.

10 hours, this is how long it took to adapt the old model

Valve could create additional, crazier game modes with different weapons. Or just to spice up your current item pool. ZooL, one of the most popular modders, proves that it is not difficult at all.

The modification, adaptation of the old M72 LAW model from Condition Zero, reworking its textures, and the way it works took only 10 hours for the modder. Youtuber “3kliksphilip” even made a video about it, laughing a bit at Valve that they were losing the opportunity to earn on skins for such a launcher.


The launcher works, it looks good, it goes well with CS: GO. Only the problem with the balance, which could be disturbed. However, there is a way – separate game modes with a different pool of items. A simple solution, used in many online games like Fortnite, LoL, Valorant, etc. Only not in CS.