“What are you doing this for? There won’t be any money anyway.” 17 CSGO players received over $ 100,000 from Valve

Imagine you’re 22, creating CS: GO skins for fun, one day Valve announces a contest, and you’re one of the winners for $ 100,000 each.

Recall that Valve organized a competition to create skins for CS: GO. The winners got $ 100,000 each. Developers will earn on it anyway because the skins will finally go to special cases.

A few days ago, 17 people woke up with an extra $ 100,000. Including those young people who completely did not expect it.

Reactions to winning

Most of the winnings were over 25 years old, the youngest person to be reached is 22 years old. Maxim created this skin:

How does the player describe it? Funny how it didn’t get him emotional.

I was playing Guardians of Galaxy when I got a message from a friend telling me I won. I asked “What ???”, closed the game, checked the email and, well, saw the email. My girlfriend was more emotional than me, she was really happy about it. I thought, “Yeah that’s cool”, but I wasn’t like “wow”.

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “unc1oud” gathered together the statements of the winners, which the Russian blogger managed to reach. Some were euphoric, while others are still unable to believe that they just won $ 100,000.

This is another argument against people who think that, for example, creating virtual items does not bring any benefits. It was just 17 people who found out that it was different.