During one of the tournaments, a camera captured CSGO censorship that completely obscured the drink

During yesterday’s BLAST tournament, viewers could see brands censored without signed contracts.

Such censorship is nothing amazing when it comes to esports events or generally events like tournaments, concerts, matches, etc. However, the sight of a censored item always arouses curiosity.

Organizers and producers deal with censorship in their own ways. Some people just blur the logo, others cover it with something. Of course, when broadcasting live, it is easier to cover an item, and that was the case with CS: GO.

The censored can

How were drinks censored during the tournament? The manufacturer is really well hidden by putting black cardboard or some kind of foil on the drink. It is impossible to say what the player is actually drinking. One can only guess through the shape of the can itself.

Why is that so? Some entities pay for advertising during the broadcast, others not necessarily. Therefore, such censorship is imposed on items or products that do not cooperate with a given organizer.