The host response to the audience during the CSGO tournament silenced them completely. He got pissed off at the audience “Shut your mouths you weirdos”

The BLAST tournament is at a really high level, everyone will remember the behavior of the host who silenced the audience.

BLAST is one of the most important CS: GO tournaments. An unusual situation took place there. An inseparable element of esports events is very short interviews on the stage, which are conducted by the hosts.

In this case, the host could not stand it anymore. Hearing whistles, he directed a few words at the audience, calling them freaks. A rather unusual situation, which shows what the atmosphere is at esports tournaments.

The host silenced the audience

The clip showing the whole short situation gathered over 100,000 views, mainly due to the fact that the whole action was really unexpected. The host called people freaks and asked them to just enjoy the game.


The audience just quieted down, there were a lot of words of support in the Twitch chat. People started typing “banned” right away because of the word f * ck, but of course there is no question of drawing any consequences.