What’s next for Ash Ketchum after becoming Pokemon’s greatest champion? Fans need not worry

What will Ash Ketchum’s future look like after becoming World Champion?

In early November of this year, after 25 years of broadcasting the Pokemon series, the main character Ash Ketchum won the most important tournament and became World Champion in training the little creatures. While this caused joy, there was also concern about future series.

However, it turns out that fans have nothing to worry about. The president of Tokyo TV has confirmed that its future will continue.

Ash’s fate after dreams come true

Pokemon’s premiere was officially in 1997. It was then that Ash set out from Pallet Town to fulfill his dreams, catch all the Pokemon and become a great trainer known all over the world. A full 25 years have passed since then, and the main character has only now succeeded in achieving his goal.

Fans’ moments of joy did not last long. His win was supposed to mean that this was the end of the adventures of the main character, so what’s next for the Pokemon series? Doubts have just been dispelled by the president of Tokyo TV’s Anime Department.

So it has been confirmed that Ash (Satoshi), will continue to be one of the main characters in the upcoming series, and fans have nothing to worry about. At this point, it is unknown what goal he will set for himself, but there are already theories. One of them is to catch all the Pokémon. At the time of departure there were about 151, now there are more than 1,000, which will surely be quite a challenge for the series’ main character.

So it’s hardly surprising that the creators won’t walk away from Ash so easily. Pokemon is a powerful franchise that could suffer after the news that the main and well-known character is ending his adventure.