A cute idea from a family playing Pokemon GO. They put creatures in the Gym that matched each other thematically

A family playing Pokemon GO showed the community the creatures they added to the Gym. Why did many people find it cute?

Pokemon GO players often come up with all sorts of creative ideas. More than once you could hear about Gyms where color-matched creatures stood or the entire Gym was dominated by so-called “baby Pokemons” (see: The Pokemon GO player came across cute and defenseless opponents on one of the Gyms. “I can’t fight them”).

The game is currently running Season of Light, which refers to light and darkness, but also to space and stars. One family decided to be inspired by this and created a star team in one of the Gyms.

Family Gym in Pokemon GO

A very interesting post appeared on the Reddit of Pokemon GO. One of the users boasted a screenshot of the Gym, which shows 3 Pokemon. There would be nothing unusual about this – thousands of players do the same thing every day. However, it wasn’t just about what creatures defend the Gym, but also about who set them up.

The author of the post wrote that he and his wife and daughter were playing Pokemon GO and had taken over one of the local Gyms. They decided that they would put creatures referring to the cosmos in it.

Celestial Gym – my wife added the Lunatone, I added the Solrock and my daughter added the Starmie

As you can see, the aforementioned family alluded to the sun, moon, and star with their choices. The community found it incredibly cute that there are players who play with themed Gym defenders, and in this case, the trainers were parents who play Pokemon GO together with their daughter.

Quite a few fans of the game are happy that it’s a title that bridges the generations – it’s fun for older people who may have grown up with the first generation of the pocket creatures, but also for the youngest who are just learning about the different species.