Mojang’s Minecraft update was inspired by Spiderman? Armor like Miles Morales

Minecraft players indicate that Mojang may have been inspired by Spiderman in one version of the armor.

Naturally, this has to be taken with a pinch of salt, while according to the Minecraft community, the developers may have been inspired by Spiderman in some way. It could also be a complete coincidence or a wink at Miles Morales fans.

Recall that yesterday a new feature was unveiled that will come to Minecraft. These are special armor designs. And so, one such variant very much resembles the look of Miles Morales from Spiderman.

Minecraft and Spiderman

Naturally, the two brands have no cooperation with each other, while in fact, the similarity is considerable. The designs are placed in virtually the same places.

Players quickly noticed it, and this combination naturally became quite popular, especially on Reddit or TikTok. Over time, people will surely find more combinations of this type.