How to make patterns for armor in Minecraft? All possible patterns and colors, where to do it

Mojang is officially introducing armor designs to the game that allow you to personalize your appearance.

Mojang has listened to requests from players who have been suggesting adding more variety in terms of armor for years. The effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect item stats. Even so, many people are delighted anyway, because you can finally stand out in some way.

To change your armor, you need to go to the blacksmith’s table, which now has a new look. This one in version 1.20 has three slots:

  • one for a pattern,
  • one for part of the armor,
  • one for the material.

On the right side, on the rack, you will see a preview of what it finally looks like.

All kinds of armor

There are a total of 11 different armors in 10 colors that can be made this way.

It looks really good and surely, people will be happy to use it. Of course, this will be released in version 1.20, which you can already test.