Minecraft has officially released its own ice cream. Where to buy, what flavors are available, price

Summer is over, to say the least, but Minecraft developers see no problem with releasing their own ice cream.

Microsoft is also joining the ice cream community with products from Minecraft.

A total of four flavors are available:

  • mint,
  • strawberry,
  • peanut butter,
  • apple pie.

Minecraft and ice cream

The ice creams are limited and, unfortunately, their availability is severely limited. Currently, it is not possible to buy them in stationery stores, although it is unclear if by chance this will change. It looks a bit like a test of whether people will be interested in it at all.

The prices are quite steep, as you have to pay close to $10 for one bucket. On top of that, there is also shipping.

When it comes to delivery, it is another $15. This makes a really substantial sum. Only US residents can order it.

Maybe in the future, such ice cream will be introduced in stores, but for the next few months, it is unlikely to happen.