A “forbidden” version of Minecraft that continues to cause anxiety among players. What is Error 422?

There are many different myths in the world of Minecraft, the most popular of which is the entire story of Herobrine. But that’s not all.

Minecraft is steeped in strange, not fully explained stories, and such stories include the story of Minecraft Error 422, an unsuccessful update that has a life of its own.

Error 422 is still considered a banned, even forbidden version of Minecraft, the original of which is really hard to find. What is this Error 422 and what’s the story behind it?

The forbidden version of Minecraft

The story began on the Russian Internet. Often, however, you can find different versions of where it started at all. According to the Russian web, in January 2020, one player received a message on Discord from another user containing a link to a video titled “M̶i̶n̶e̶c̶r̶a̶f̶t̶ ERR422 54 45 53 54 “. There was a link to download this version in the description.

The second story is told by YouTubers who say it’s a forbidden version of Minecraft that Mojang had to withdraw because it started living its own life. How does it look in practice? It’s a good idea to mute your phones before watching the video below.


The whole game is buggy, full of glitches, and characters behaving very unnaturally.

The facts are that this is a really disturbing version of Minecraft, filled with bugs and various unexplained phenomena. You can meet headsless figures here:

Completely bugged elements of the world, such as cacti above the ground:

And even errors that are not so much on the screen as in the interface itself. Already in the above graphics, you can see that the hearts above the equipment are quite… strange.

The gameplay is accompanied by really disturbing phenomena, such as noise or irritating sounds. What is it really? This is not a banned or forbidden version of the game. It was made by Russian players just like that, for no great reason. As the topic was incredibly interesting, it became popular in 2020 and remains to this day.

During these few months, many myths and legends have arisen around version 422. Mojang had nothing to do with it though, it wasn’t a deleted version of the game.