Minecraft players know the exact release date of the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update.

What is the exact release date of Update 1.18 – the second installment of the Caves and Cliffs update?

The last update 1.17, which hit Minecraft some time ago, was supposed to be a huge breakthrough. In addition to the heavily revised world generator, players were to receive numerous new biomes and blocks, increased the building limit, and numerous new blocks.

Ultimately, the developers were forced to split the update into two parts, and even later it turned out that one of the main attractions will be moved to version 1.19 – the Deep Dark underground biome. The biome concept, however, underwent significant improvements and the developers decided to use it much better.

Version 1.18, which will include a world generator to complement the blocks from version 1.17, will soon be in the hands of players. What is its exact release date?

When will version 1.18 be released?

On the official Minecraft profile on Twitter, there is an entry informing about the exact release date of the second part of the caves and cliffs update – 1.18, announced during the Minecraft Live 2020 event. When will it appear?


So players will receive version 1.18, which includes, among other things, a world generator covering new mountain and underground areas, in less than two weeks. Players who do not want to wait can test the Pre-release version, which includes all the new features.