A puzzle in Minecraft that would be difficult for many veterans

A puzzle that may be more difficult to solve than it seems at first.

Redstone is one of the elements of Minecraft that has been creating a separate community focusing solely on mechanisms for a really long time. Some of them can be really complicated and recreate complex computers in the game environment, while others simply diversify buildings, improving their functionality, for example with the use of automated doors.

Most Minecraft players who’ve been following it for a long time will surely be familiar with at least these simpler mechanics and have an idea of what rules guide the items used to build huge projects. Despite this, the riddle of one of the users can surprise even veterans.

How to disarm the mechanism from a clip?

A user with the nickname JustinTimeCuber shared a short clip that shows a mechanism using sticky Pistons, Redstone blocks and TNT. The destruction of any block causes one of the dynamites to be activated with a signal, and the puzzle the commentators had to solve was to disarm the system.


Among the commenters, there are a few players who figured out a way to get rid of TNT without activating it. One of them is u53rn4m3_74k3n who wrote:

Place a powered block on top of the pistons to power / bud them and remove the TNT

The author of the clip replied that this is exactly how it was in his head while writing the post, but that is not the only solution to the puzzle. Another method involves substituting the sticky pistons in such a way that they are able to move the Redstone blocks at the same time.

It must be admitted that the puzzle stimulates creativity and can interest even players who were not previously interested in this type of mechanism. Minecraft proves on a regular basis that it is a game that allows you to do a lot. Especially when it comes to interaction with the community of this production.