4 Minecraft items that cannot be used outside of Creative Mode. What’s their story?

Minecraft items that are only available in Creative mode.

Minecraft is a game that has been on the market for a really long time. Mojang has been adding new items to its production for years that can be useful in any situation and are relatively needed.

Some of them, however, never had a chance to see the equipment of Survival mode players. What is the reason for this and what items are we talking about?

Unique items

Eggs that spawn mobs

Eggs that allow a creature to be spawned are the item most Minecraft players probably expected on this list. They can be used by builders who want to somehow make it difficult for other players to pass through a given location. They can be used in mechanisms in conjunction with a dispenser so that the mob appears only when the player performs an action.

Luck potion

Potion of Luck is closely related to a certain status that is also not available in regular Minecraft gameplay. The effect, largely simplified, increases the chances of getting valuable items in the game.

Steve’s head

The player’s head went to Minecraft version 1.4.2 introduced to fans in 2012. With this item, you can use commands to get the head of any Minecraft player, allowing others to create unique decorations in combination with special skins.

Petrified Oak Plate

The plate, seemingly looking like an ordinary Oak Plate, has certain properties that make it stand out. It perfectly corresponds to the features that characterize it. It can be extracted with a pickaxe, and, unlike an ordinary wooden plate, it won’t burn. There is no way to get it in Survival mode.