Hard to believe, it was actually created “naturally”. Tallest forest manor in Minecraft

Minecraft can amaze you when it comes to unusual structures. In this case, it is about a forest manor.

The forest manor is the largest and at the same time the rarest structure in all of Minecraft. It contains incredibly valuable items, and although finding it is difficult in itself, players have managed to track down something even rarer.

It is a mansion that is naturally abstractly tall, set on hundreds of different levels of stone. While it seems impossible, it was actually generated by Minecraft itself.

Probably the tallest manor in the game

Until now, no one has managed to find the higher manor, which makes it the rarest manor. The seed it is on is:


It is difficult to say exactly what happened here, but the whole thing is definitely impressive, especially if you find it yourself.

It’s hard to say if it’s the rarest structure in the game, but it’s definitely one of the rarer ones, and certainly one of the most unique.