TNT cannon in Minecraft, which is one of the most satisfying things you can build

What does one of the most impressive TNT cannons look like? One shot uses 538 blocks of dynamite.

Minecraft players have access to a huge amount of tools, and in fact, the only thing that limits them is their imagination. Some fans prefer hardcore survival gameplay, others prefer to build, and others focus on Redstone mechanics. The creations in Minecraft can be really complicated and using this tool, you can recreate small games, tools, or other devices known from the real world.

Jednym z popularnych typów narzędzi, które tworzą fani Minecrafta są armaty TNT, które wystrzeliwują dynamit na określoną odległość. Niektóre z nich potrafiły same się przemieszczać, a jeszcze inne zwiększały swoje pole rażenia poprzez użycie większej ilości TNT przy każdym wystrzale. Nie jest to jednak łatwe zadanie, a jeden z fanów zrealizował je wręcz bezbłędnie.

TNT cannon with a huge range of fire

A user with the nickname Superbananazombie shared a short clip that shows how his TNT firing cannon works. The video immediately became immensely popular, and after watching it, it’s hard to be surprised why.


The author also shared some interesting facts about the mechanism in the comments.

Some interesting facts about the cannon:

  • One firing requires 538 blocks of TNT
  • The cannon fires at 146 degrees
  • The tip can be modified for even greater reach
  • The cannon fires TNT rings

People commenting on the video admit that such a mechanism in the wrong hands could do really huge damage on multiplayer servers. One cannon shot would be enough to destroy even a relatively large village.