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An amazing project of Aurelion Sol from League of Legends, which was made in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a spectacular model of the hero known from the game by Riot Games was created.

Minecraft and League of Legends are some of the most popular games in the world, so they don’t need to be introduced to anyone. Some players like both of these titles, so it is not uncommon to transfer Summoner’s Rift characters to a cubic world. There have been many projects of this type in the past, and often they have been really great.

Another creation related to the Riot game has appeared on the Internet. This time it presents a hero who is not one of the most popular champions, but he is definitely incredibly distinctive.

Huge Aurelion Sol from LoL

The League of Legends Star Architect has a huge model already in the game from Riot. He is one of the biggest champions to be found on Summoner’s Rift. The player perfectly reflected this by building a huge statue of him.

Aurelion Sol was not built on a standard Minecraft map. The structure created by seaofted was then rendered by iAlem, which allowed for an amazing effect in the form of the clip below.


In the comments, you can find many fans of both the champion and Minecraft who were able to appreciate the enormous amount of work put into creating such an amazing structure.