How to claim the next free Arcane capsule in LoL? Precise description

Players have the opportunity to get another Arcane capsule. Where can you pick it up?

Arcane is one of the hottest topics in the League of Legends community this year. Almost everyone has heard about the premiere of the series based on the world of Runterra.

The first episode was rebroadcast by numerous streamers, and the prize for watching was, among others, the Arcane capsule. As it turns out, players have the opportunity to get one more capsule in the browser game, which introduces fans to the characters known from LoL.

How to pick up the capsule?

You could learn about the Riot x Arcane event earlier. It includes, among other things, a game that allows you to get to know the characters living in the world of Runeterra better (Riot has created a special mini-game with LoL, in which there are special rewards for players).

To play, go to the official website of the event –, log into your Riot Games account, then click the “Browse” button to launch the game.

Players will be able to accompany the heroes known from League of Legends, and one of the series of short missions allows you to get the Arcane capsule. Where can you pick it up? In the upper left corner, there is a small icon with a world map. Move to the Summoner’s Park and then talk to the heroes who are there.

After talking to Gwen, Sett, and Jhin, the shopkeeper will offer the player a quest. It is about delivering items to the heroes. The first one will belong to Gwen, the second to Sett, and the third to Jhin. After all, items have been delivered, you can return to the shopkeeper and she will give the player a reward – an Arcane capsule, which should immediately appear in the Hextech workshop in the League of Legends client.

Most likely, this is not the only reward players will be able to unlock. This is suggested by the menu that can be opened by clicking on the cup in the upper left corner. There you can also take a look at the loot that has been obtained so far.