LoL players from yesterday can receive free prizes for Pick’em. What exactly can you get?

The LoL World Championships ended on Saturday. What will the people who picked the majority of the results correctly get?

Pick’em is an annual game of picking the winners for each stage of the League of Legends World Championship. Players can bet on how the matches in the group stage will end up, who will win the quarterfinals, semi-finals, or the grand final.

Today it is known who became the great champion, as the final took place on Saturday, November 6. The Worlds 2021 Cup was won by the Chinese team EDward Gaming.

Players can see how many points they have earned for picking the winners this year. Pick rewards are divided into classes from C to S. Each of them will give players a different amount of items. What exactly could you get?

Awards for this year’s Pick’em

On the official League of Legends website, you can find a list of individual awards for this year’s Pick’em. The first class starts with 18 points.

  • C-Class: Get at least 18 points in Pick’em
    • Reward: Esports Capsule
  • B-Class: Get at least 34 points in Pick’em
    • Reward: Esports Capsule + Summoner Icon
  • A-Class: Get at least 50 points in Pick’em
    • Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + 100 BE
  • S-Class: Score at least 66 points in Pick’em
    • Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + Worlds Reward Capsule

Non-Perfect Picks rewards will be awarded using the mission system. If you think you have completed one of the Matchmaking missions and did not receive a reward for it within one (1) day, please contact Player Support.

As you can see, most rewards are Esport Capsules and summoner icons. You can draw various emotes and icons from the capsules, most of them directly related to e-sport.