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One of the characters from LoL will officially be in Among Us. Who has received this honor?

Fortnite was just the beginning. Riot is also officially partnering with Among Us.

Most people have completely forgotten about Among Us. The game hasn’t received any updates for a really long time, but a few days ago the first new official role called “Shapeshifter” was shown.

On November 9, InnerSloth is to announce the details of the new update, including its date. Now it is known that one of the novelties will be the Among Us x League of Legends cooperation.

LoL x Among Us

Now LoL has shown a preview of additional content that players will be able to unlock in the next episodes of the Arcane series. Among the news was also new information about Among Us.


It turns out that Heimerdinger will appear in Among Us, or at least its skin. It is not known if InnerSloth has anything else prepared besides the cosmetic item itself, but it is possible.

The creators of Among Us will surely want to make the players interested in their game again. In the beginning, we mentioned a new role. Shapeshifter will allow you to change shape, specifically turning Impostor into any Crewmate.

It is possible that there will also be a trailer for a new map, or it will just be in the game.