Riot Games gave LoL partners interesting gifts on the occasion of the premiere of the Arcane series

Gifts on the occasion of the premiere of the Arcane animated series in the world of LoL.

In just a few days, League of Legends players will be able to watch the first animated series, which will tell the fate of several well-known heroes. Among others, we will see Vi and Jinx there.

Therefore, the developers decided to present small gifts to people involved in the project. What interesting did they get?

Gifts from Riot

Riot Games is known for giving away gifts to the community during important events. For the 10th anniversary of LoL, it was possible to win a trip to the UK to take part in the event live. Now the partners have received some interesting trifles. The most interesting thing is the countdown clock to the premiere, which was received by Rioter Riku.


SkinsSpotlight also boasted a gift from Riot, although a bit standard. They received a cap with the Twitch logo, a statuette and a few gift cards and snacks.