Among Us officially shows the first role. It’s “Shapeshifter” turning into Crewmates

InnerSloth announced the first role to be officially introduced to Among Us.

It took a while, but InnerSloth finally has something new for its community. The update “coming soon” will bring new roles to the game. Now, the first of them was revealed. This one is called “Shapeshifter”.

As the creators explain, it will be a skill that allows Impostors to turn into Crewmates. This is supposed to work in a relatively simple way, as has already been shown and explained in detail.

Shapeshifter in Among Us

As an Impostor, you will get a new skill. At any time, you will be able to use the special menu and select the Crewmate you want to change into. Thanks to this, you will gain its appearance, while confusing everyone around you.

The effect lasts for a certain period of time, it is not permanent, unless specified in the game settings. The change itself also takes a moment. In this way, developers want to balance this role so that it is not too strong.

Since we are talking about Among Us here, there is still no detailed information on the date of the next update, InnerSloth only says that it will be released “soon”, but it’s been going on for a good few months now.