Among Us announced their plans for the coming months. Will players have something to come back to?

Among Us has confirmed that the next news will be closely related to chat.

InnerSloth has finalized the themes for releasing Among Us on consoles, so now it’s time for the next features. It’s hard to say, however, if they will make the players come back. For now, it looks as if Among Us is focusing on things without which people just learned to play.

For example, the next big news will be… the friends list. Is the list of friends in Among Us really needed in 2022? Most people just use various types of messengers for that.

Among Us plans for the next months

The developers will first take care of:

  • friends list,
  • updates that improve the quality of the game.

What is under the latter issue? It is not known yet. The future plans are a bit more interesting.

On the right, things like:

  • new roles,
  • Hide’n’Seek mode,
  • more cubes – i.e. cosmetic items,
  • cooperations.

It’s cool, but it’s all here in Among Us, mostly because of the mods. In order for something to actually start happening and make players eager to come back, InnerSloth would have to release a new map, preferably several. Then cosmetics, roles, and the mode would make more sense.