You forgot about Among Us a long time ago, and it was this game that overtook all the others in December on…

Among Us has been stuck in the same place for several months, a VR version has been announced, which hardly anyone is waiting for, and so the time passes.

If you haven’t been following Among Us completely for the past six months then it’s fine, because nothing has changed. There are no new maps, no new mechanics, everything is just like in fall. Only the VR version was shown in December.


Meanwhile, Among Us was the most-played production on PS5 and PS4

Quite surprisingly, in December, Among Us dominated Sony consoles. The production of InnerSloth was the most downloaded game. All because of the premiere that took place on December 14.

On PC, everyone has forgotten about Among, nobody is streaming this game anymore, sometimes someone will play it on the phone to pass the time. Among Us lost a lot, its community just fell apart. But as you can see, the game is experiencing a second youth on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Staying on the topic of news, figures from Among Us were announced some time ago. This is the Nendoroid series, which is the better one – figures can be set up, modified, etc. When will Among start moving forward? Nobody knows, and people probably don’t even wait anymore.