Among Us broke the law by using this color. The developers had to change it immediately

Among Us has shared with players a rather interesting and hitherto unknown fact. It turns out that the developers had to change one of their colors very quickly.

Among Us in 2020 scored a pretty big slip-up, not realizing at all that they were breaking the law. Specifically, it’s about the use of one of the colors to mark MedBay. The developers chose a color that was reserved for the Red Cross.

Its use is a violation of the Geneva Convention. As threatening as this sounds, it also has such consequences. Players never really found out about it, few noticed the difference, and even fewer asked what it was all about.

What color is it about?

It is a shade of red, which finally turned green. In case you didn’t see – it’s about the top part of the screenshot:

This is just a curiosity that did not affect the development of the game. The developers were informed about it and made the required update. Until now, few people knew about it at all, and it probably would have stayed that way if InnerSloth had not been tempted to reveal it itself.