xQc’s reaction to the biggest donation he’s ever received in his Twitch streaming history

xQc, one of the absolute most popular streamers recently got a very big donation. The biggest in his streaming history.

xQc recently received a really big donation, which even impressed him. It’s worth mentioning that xQc himself is a millionaire who can spend several million in one weekend, for example, at a casino.

In any case, xQc has a sizable fan base, which naturally includes rich people who are not too concerned about their spending. That’s why the streamer recently got a donation, for which you can buy a decent car.

xQc and his biggest donation

In total, someone has decided to donate the streamer in the amount of $10,000.


The highest donation ever was probably an anonymous $200,000. Yes, 200 thousand, we didn’t get one zero wrong here. Until now, and it’s been several months, it’s not clear who donated this amount.