The pick rate of heroes from Arcane increases significantly. Gamers love Vi after the first episodes

Characters that have appeared on the show from LoL are becoming more popular on Summoner’s Rift.

On Sunday, November 7, players were given access to the first three episodes of the Arcane animated series. The premiere episode was broadcast on Twitch and the official website of the series, and viewers could collect drops during the course of the show, including Arcane capsule that contained 3 random League of Legends skin shards.

The series turned out to be a huge success and many fans admitted that it exceeds their wildest expectations. You could say that the community fell in love with Riot’s production.

Such a huge success had to somehow affect the game itself. It didn’t take long for the first stats to change on the heroes screen. What exactly has changed?

Increase in the popularity of characters appearing in the series

Players have been following the changes in the stats of some champions and have noticed that Vi’s popularity has increased surprisingly. We are talking about a more than double increase in the pick rate. Vi was picked in 2.55% of the games in patch 11.21, according to After the patch, this statistic was already over 5.55%.

Caitlyn, who is also the protagonist of the Arcane series, may also enjoy a surge in attention. In her case, the jump in popularity was not that huge, but the statistics have been growing gradually for some time. It’s hard to say if this is due to the show, or if gamers were encouraged by the visual rework, which turned out to be really great.

The heroine’s current pick rate is almost 13%. Currently, Jinx and Caitlyn are among the top 10 ADCs.

There are many posts on the internet from players announcing that they will be maining Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Viktor, or Jayce from now on because they were delighted with the performance of these champions on the screen. It can be expected that the sale of skins for these champions will also increase.