A Minecraft mob that most players don’t know exists. Why?

Hardly anyone has met this mob while playing Minecraft. Why?

There are a lot of mobs in Minecraft. Some of them can be found everywhere, while others only appear in exceptional circumstances. A game that does not have any mods loaded has a limited minion pool and most players are probably aware of the existence of most of them.

However, there is a variant of one mob that cannot be encountered naturally, and hardly anyone would come up with the idea to make it appear. What creature are we talking about?

The rarest mob in Minecraft

When one thinks of the rarest Minecraft mob to encounter in unmodified gameplay, most players have a pink sheep in their head. The chance is really small – the percentage for an adult pink sheep to appear is 0.1558%, while in the case of a baby pink sheep it is only 0.0082%.

Most players probably are unaware that there is another mob. It is only available in the Bedrock version and it is the little squid.

So the mob is not rare, but encountering it is extremely difficult, among other things because it does not appear in the more popular version of the game – Minecraft Java. The fact that the creature only exists in the wild contributes to this fact since squid cannot be reproduced. The chance that a mob will spawn in a child’s form is only 5%.