What is the rarest seed in all of Minecraft? Few people know that it can be used

In theory, it might seem that there is no such thing as the rarest seed – because each seed is just as rare. This, however, is not entirely true.

Minecraft has many different secrets and curiosities. One of them is related to seeds. They are sequences of numbers. You can tell which ones are the best, which contain various strange structures, and which are best not to get into.

But what about rare seeds? It turns out there is one seed in Minecraft that cannot be obtained by typing in numbers.

A seed that cannot be typed normally

To enter the world with a specific seed, it is enough to enter “1” when creating a new world. Then, when typing /seed, we can confirm that the world actually has seed “1”.

But what happens when we enter “0”? It turns out that Minecraft then puts the player on a random seed, but not “0”. So how do you get to the one marked as “0”? This world cannot be accessed by any ordinary method.

You have to enter “ddnqavbj”, then in fact Minecraft will understand that we mean seed “0”. It is closely related to the technical side of the game.

It can be safely said that due to the complexity of entering this seed, it is at the moment the rarest in the game.