The last thing Minecraft players expect to see. Still a lot of people don’t know it’s possible

Minecraft hides many different curiosities, which players often find out only after several years.

Minecraft is a very complex game with many unusual situations. One of them was shared by a Reddit user who, as he himself writes, only learned after 10 years that it was possible at all.

What is it all about? A creeper and other mobs that can surprise in a very unusual way:


Theoretically nothing is happening, classic mine digging. At one point, out of nowhere, the creeper climbs the ladder. How is this possible and why is it rare?

It has always been possible, but it is rare

Creepers and all mobs in general can climb ladders without much problem. However, this is very rarely seen. The reason for this is that the mobs themselves don’t know they can.

Mojang programmed the mobs to climb ladders but did not explicitly tell them that they could follow the player using it. Once the mob approaches the ladder and stands in the right place, it can start climbing it. By itself, it will never follow the player this way. This is why this situation is very rare.

It is a very interesting and non-obvious matter, which may come as a surprise even after many years. Precisely because Mojang has left the mobs with some ignorance of their abilities.