The Minecraft player, while exploring the world, came across something strange – “What is it doing here?”

One of the Minecraft players encountered something strange while exploring the world.

Multiplayer servers are one of the many elements of Minecraft that keep the game on top. Players can interact with each other, build cities, and experience virtual adventures in a cubic world together.

Servers can accommodate a lot of people and it is sometimes difficult to know everything that is happening on the map. For this reason, visiting other players can often be exciting or surprising, as one player showed in a clip posted on the web.

What surprised one of the players so much?

User leospeedleo shared a short clip that became immensely popular in just 24 hours. Wandering around another player’s base, he came across something that struck him so strange that he thought it would be worth sharing with the Minecraft community. What did he find in the basement?


After entering the room where you could find cows and sheep, the player also noticed a room with a lot of chickens, and all of them were trying hard to get to the other side of the door.

It’s just weird… Why are there thousands of chickens in a hidden room? What are they for?

Minecraft fans who commented on the clip started joking about the huge number of chickens and cited situations known from other productions or the real world, creating memes.

Why didn’t you go to the toilet during the break?

Toilet during break:

Quite a few comments pointed out that this is most likely an ordinary farm. TheImmortalNub user focused on the fact that the chickens, instead of just running, were jumping strangely towards the closed passage and decided to explain why.

Mobs, when they see a hatch that is upright, will always consider it open. This allows them to pass through it.

The chicken AI believes that there is a passage under the open trapdoor, so as there are too many mobs in this room, they try to get out this way.

The mobs are trying to get out of the room, and the seemingly open hatch gives them the impression that there is a passage below it. The block that is there did not allow the chickens to get out, so the animals were in effect in an endless loop.