This is why Warden will be the toughest mob in all of Minecraft

A new mob will soon be introduced to Minecraft – Warden.

Warden is a very interesting, but also extremely dangerous mob. It has new mechanics that will really give players a hard time. This mob will be prepared for really long duels.

It is already being said that it will be by far the toughest opponent ever added to Minecraft. And while it’s not in the game yet, it may actually be true.

Warden will be the toughest?

Warden is to have a few new mechanics that will make the fight with him quite difficult. For example, climbing higher blocks will be ineffective. Developers during the presentation said that the Warden will be able to deal with players who are above him.

Additionally, the character will be very endurant. At the moment, in the development version, he has 500 health points. This is much more than the existing mobs. Dealing with it will require quite a bit of constipation.

Damage also comes into play. One presentation shows that Warden took out a player with full Netherite armor with just two hits. There is definitely no soft play here.

It should also be added that although the Warden cannot see, he can perfectly sense the player and his movement. It has a high speed of movement, it finds itself perfectly in the dark. More than once, you will have to brighten up the screen as much as possible to see it and try to face it.