Minecraft will receive a new feature that will make traveling around the world much easier

Mojang will introduce many different novelties to the game, also to the core game mechanics with the 1.19 update.

Some new features will really impact the whole world of Minecraft, others will be a small improvement that will come in handy in certain situations. Developers listen to the community and knew very well that traveling should be made easier.

It is about giving players the ability to carry, or rather transport, more items or resources.

A new feature in Minecraft

It is specifically about a certain expansion of boats. It is very possible that they will become the primary means of transport. Players will be able to load additional chests on them.

This is to significantly increase the ability to move and set up new bases or experience adventures with significantly more equipment. It will be much easier to go to an unknown land.


A boat with a box is Mojang’s direct response to players’ requests that have been around for a really long time. The creators decided to fulfill the community’s wish and so, in Update 1.19, it will be possible to put chests on the boats.