The Copper Golem is the third mob for this year’s Mob Vote during the Minecraft Live event

The last mob of the upcoming Mob Vote. What is a Copper Golem?

Every year, players have the opportunity to vote for one of three mobs, one of which will later be introduced into the game. At the moment, fans have already met two of the three potential new mobs.

The first was Glare, who was able to help the player in the dungeons, and the second was Allay, who could collect items for us (The second mob that players will be able to vote for during this year’s Minecraft Live – Allay). What does the next revealed creature look like?

The copper golem

The mobs shown so far have their own unique abilities, which have been described above. Many players expected a third creature to be revealed, which they thought might be of equal interest. Did the third creature live up to their expectations? First, it’s worth taking a look at the presentation provided by Mojang and see what the Copper Golem really has to offer.


It must be a copper golem. It must be old, over time they freeze into statues! The copper golem is a mob that you, the player, can build yourself! It oxidises over time and loves to randomly press copper buttons, so they would be added to the game as well!

The third mob would use copper, which at the moment has few uses outside of construction. Randomly pressing the buttons would certainly be appreciated by the mechanism builders from Redstone, and the copper buttons could be a great decoration in many houses.

The Minecraft Live event will take place in just a few days, and the voting itself will take place on Saturday, October 16 at 12 am EDT.