When you feel that playing Minecraft is too easy and you complicate even the simplest things

Players sometimes come up with strange ideas that are probably born from boredom.

Everyone in Minecraft sometimes, but also in other games, feels a bit weary. Then it is good to find some new entertainment. A Reddit user with the nickname ‘Noblesirgavin’ said that killing chickens and harvesting resources was too easy.

As a result, he decided to complicate it a bit. Theoretically, it is not difficult to eliminate a chicken, it does not require any special skills unless you want to make it something like a new sport.

When you feel weary

And it’s literally a sport – the user mockingly asked on Twitter what it could be called.

What’s in this clip? Well, in fact, it can be considered a sport in some way.


Minecraft in its current form allows for a lot of weird and unusual activities. You can hunt chickens as well as upload various modifications that diversify theoretically ordinary gameplay.