After a few years, Minecraft players still don’t know what Mojang put on that button

Despite the passage of time, people still don’t really know what it is

Mojang tried to make everything as transparent as possible when creating various items and functions for Minecraft. It is safe to say that it has been successful in most situations. However, there are a few examples of when someone clearly had no idea what to do.

Despite the passage of many years, people still do not really know what one of the buttons in the mobile version is. And it is hardly surprising, some think that it is a steak, others see a shoe here, and some even beans.

Mysterious button in Minecraft

What button are we talking about? The discussion about it was started by a Reddit user with the nickname “GeorgeFoxson94”, who asked directly what it was and what it was supposed to represent.

We are talking about this button:

If someone has never played the mobile version, it will be even more difficult. Most often it is said to be a wing or a shoe. Although there are also versions that it is a strange version of meat, beans, candy – everyone has an opinion about it, and Mojang never explained it.

What is that button? It can be found in the mobile version – it is located exactly between all the other buttons responsible for the control.

By pressing it, the character begins to fly. This was made especially for Creative Mode. But the big question of the article still remains.