Minecraft players recreate the Squid Game series in specially prepared game modes

Squid Game, the latest hit that appeared on Netflix, also came to Minecraft.

At this point, the community of virtually every game is trying to reproduce, to a greater or lesser extent, Squid Game – a new series that has become incredibly popular. Its plot is theoretically very simple.

Broke people agree to play the game with the highest stakes possible. Some like it, others don’t, the concept itself was quickly transferred to games like Fortnite or Minecraft.

What mini-games have already been pulled into Minecraft?

Currently, when searching for “Squid game Minecraft” on Youtube, there is a whole lot of animations with game modes, whole stories. You can see that some are made quickly, without thinking, just to pick up on the topic and get views.

There are also, of course, some really cool animations one may get into. Players also started making whole game modes. Squid Game in most of its games requires the help of a dozen or several dozen people. But there are also some that one can get through by themselves.

This is the case with the game with glass, where in the series some were hardened and some were ordinary. Players who stood on the usual one fell.


This has been implemented in Minecraft and it can be expected that in some time the MC will be filled with just such mini-games, and maybe even servers only with the Squid Game theme.