The second mob that players will be able to vote for during this year’s Minecraft Live – Allay

What is the characteristic of the next Mob Vote candidate announced by the creators of Minecraft?

During the biggest Minecraft event, this year – Minecraft Live – there will be a Mob Vote, where players can choose one of the three creatures that will soon hit the game.

So far, fans have been able to meet a mob called Glare, and Allay was shown in the next presentation. What is the next creature?

A mob that can go to Minecraft – Allay

One of Minecraft’s designers – Jens – introduced the new mob in Mojang’s signature animation. Like Glare, Allay has the ability to help players (A trailer of one of the three Minecraft mobs that players will be able to vote for). This time the creature will be able to bring items to the player according to certain rules.


Hi! You must be the Allay. Thanks for collecting all these cookies for me! Would you do it for any item I give you? Hooray! No more collecting for me! And you dance too? Amazing.

If you give an allay an item, it will collect matching ones for you. It also loves music, so if there’s a note block nearby, that’s where it’ll drop them!

Mob has a very unique ability that can be useful to Minecraft players. Looking at the candidates the designers have prepared for fans so far, in the comments, many players do not hide their excitement about the expectation of the third mob.

The Minecraft Live event will take place in just a few days, and the voting itself will take place on October 16 at 12 AM EDT.