A trailer of one of the three Minecraft mobs that players will be able to vote for

Mojang shared a short video with fans that describes the first mob to vote for during Minecraft Live.

The Minecon, or Minecraft Live event that took place last year and will also take place in this one, shows the novelties that the developers are planning to introduce to the game in the near future. Traditionally, during the events, voting for one of the three mobs will also take place, which will then be added to Minecraft. Last year, Glow Squid won the Mob Vote. His rivals were Iceologer and Moobloom.

Who will players be able to vote for this time? Mojang has started sharing short clips of the individual creatures, the first being Glare. What is it exactly?

What kind of mob is Glare?

The upcoming Minecraft update will significantly affect how the game world looks. Glare will be especially useful when it comes to new caves. These will be much larger, and large open spaces are conducive to the dangers waiting for the player.


Glare is to be a player-friendly creature that points out unlit and dangerous places.

You must be the Glare, the mob that lets players know when they are in an area that is dark enough for monsters! The glare flies to dark areas for you. When it gets grumpy, you’ll know that it’s dark enough for monsters to spawn. You can also bring it with you, and proves once and for all that you can be grumpy and cute at the same time!

Mob will follow the player and is one of the few who are able to help him on his adventures. The Minecraft Live event will take place in just a few days, and the voting will be on October 16 at 12 AM EDT