The illusion of a house in Minecraft that can really surprise – A bigger house than it seems

Minecraft allows you to create truly amazing things, including illusions that would be a hit on TikTok.

Creating illusions in Minecraft is nothing new. Typically, this involves recreating different shapes at the right angle. But some people go even further and have fun with more than just individual pieces.

This is exactly the case with Reddit user “Glynnc”, who decided to create something that might remind some of Harry Potter and the tent there – small from the outside, huge inside.

Advanced illusion in Minecraft

At first glance, we have a small hut here, which seems really big inside. The character is moving and there is no indication that it is some kind of “cheating”. Initially, you might even think that this is due to some special mods.


The solution to this puzzle? Quite a complicated system based on perspective. The player decided to create the entire scenery just for this one shot.


It must be admitted that the effect is certainly interesting, but it does not change anything at all. It is a curiosity, something that most will probably forget in a moment.