The new mud block has divided Minecraft players who argue about its color. What do you see?

A new mud block will be added to Minecraft soon. There would be nothing controversial about it, if it were not for one point.

Hardly anyone knows, but the mud block is not that new when it comes to the world of Minecraft. This one has already appeared in the closed Minecraft Earth, and is now being transferred to the full-fledged version as well.

Mud was not talked about much, mainly due to the announcement of much larger novelties, which slightly overshadowed the smaller ones. However, the mud divided the community in terms of colors.

What color is it?

Many people say that the announced mud is brown in color. Others see gray here, and others see green. And yes, gamers talk about it.

People in the comments saw one color first and foremost, but the opinions were not unanimous at all.

The block is shown on several different angles, but directly in the files it looks like this:

People even started analyzing it with graphics programs like Photoshop. This one sees here, among other things, blue:

I guess no one expected that people would genuinely have a problem with it and, what’s more, they would be so involved in it.