A unique home decoration in Minecraft that uses modifications that are unusual for this purpose

What does the unique decoration of the house look like, which one of the players has shared online?

Minecraft is one of those games in which players can demonstrate virtually unlimited creativity in many ways. One of them is decorating houses. Some people boast about complicated furniture created with the use of many elements, such as banners, while others approach this topic in a completely different way, using various modifications.

You can find a lot of mods on the web that introduces furniture to Minecraft, but one user decided to try something completely different. What is so special in his little house?

Unusual decoration

A user with the nickname jumbledFox shared a short clip that shows how he placed a piece of the Minecraft world in his house, which can be associated with something like an aquarium. Here, however, you can take a look at a small “Minecraft snippet” that depicts all of its lands from the End, through Overworld, to Nether.


JumbledFox used two popular modifications to create this decoration.

Immersive Portals + Pekhui allows you to create 16×16 frames linked to small 1×1 frames. You will need a few tutorials to understand what’s this all about.

At some point, the player goes through the door of his house. Eventually, he finds a tiny model of Minecraft worlds.

Of course, this is not the first time players have used this mod to create something similar. Here, however, he managed to create a small fragment of the Minecraft world that shows how life goes on in the player’s absence. The location of the End and Nether were also interpreted in an interesting way, with one above the regular world and the other below it.