A Minecraft player was 0.07 seconds away from dying in the hardcore world. What saved him?

What saved the player in a situation in which he was practically hopeless?

Minecraft has been on the market for many years, and players have had a lot of time to get to know all the dangers that await them in the cubic world. For this reason, fans have acquired habits that make them safer on their adventures. However, there are situations that are still difficult to predict, and in the hardcore mode, in the worst case, they can result in the permanent end of the game in a given world.

On the verge of the end of his adventure, one of the streamers shared a clip where you can see the moment his character almost died. What kept him from that bitter end?

A matter of luck?

Streamer with the nickname sandiction during his first stream from the hardcore world traveled through the caves until the Creeper came unexpectedly from behind him. The player did not notice the creature that exploded, throwing it into the air with half of a heart’s remaining health. So how did the streamer survive?


Moments before the explosion, despite having a full health bar, the player ate the roast chicken. This allowed the HP to be regenerated exactly when the player was in the air and saved him from fatal fall damage.

Many admitted that it was very lucky, and others joked that their mania of maintaining a full food bar eventually rewarded one of the players. Some also commented that a totem that can be obtained in the Forest Manor would suffice to prevent death. Streamer replied that he didn’t like these items because they cover too much of the screen and he didn’t like the default texture.