What does a Minecraft base build from random blocks proposed by the community look like?

A unique challenge was undertaken by one of the Minecraft players – a house made of random blocks.

Minecraft players often challenge themselves. Some of them involve breaking the game record, while others try to complete tasks that have been given to them by themselves or by other players.

One of the users decided to build a base from blocks suggested by others. What does the result look like?

A house made of everything

When players decide to build a house, one of the first things to consider is which blocks to use. Oftentimes, materials are chosen that go well together in some way – be it by color or by type.

However, the user with the nickname E_McPlant_C-0 tried something different. He decided to ask the community what blocks he should use in his building.

My block pallet included: wet sponges, magenta glazed terracotta, white terracotta, Nether quartz ore, netherack, dragon egg, green terracotta, purpur pillars, kelp block, barrier block, all three command blocks, gravel, tuff, drip stone block, beacon, stone bricks, honey block, enchantment table, diorite, crafting table, granite, polished granite, bedrock, acacia planks, redstone block, TNT, magenta concrete powder, mycelium, raw iron ore block, coarse dirt, oak log, diamond block, jungle leaves, and soul sand.

Admittedly, the list is quite long, but the blocks on it are quite unique and do not fit together at first glance. The player, however, willingly took up the challenge and built something equally interesting out of it.

As you can see, everything looks relatively normal from a distance, but the closer the camera is to the building, the more visible the bizarre blocks that were on the community’s proposed list become.

The most interesting element for players is a tower built of TNT arranged alternately with Redstone blocks. E_McPlant_C-0 set the dynamite so that it would not catch fire from the signal emitted by Redstone, but commentators admitted that the view was disturbing anyway.