What to do to keep Minecraft from getting boring? Turn it into a completely different game with a few mods

Every Minecraft player at some point felt tired of the standard gameplay. This, however, is easy to change.

Minecraft offers great opportunities to play with mods. Some of them are so extensive that they completely change the game itself and its basic mechanics to such an extent that it is even difficult to recognize that it is still the production of Mojang.

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “Ronln_Prime” showed it perfectly. At one point, the game could be easily confused with a completely different one and it’s hardly surprising – a few mods can really make a difference.

A completely different Minecraft

The player was able to combine several modifications to create a unique world with interesting mechanics. The key one in this case is the way of moving combined with an extensive combat system.


How can you achieve something like this? It is not too complicated. First of all, you have to take care of fight mechanics. To do this, download “Epic fight mod“. In practice, on a slightly longer clip, the modification looks like this:


The Reddit user also used a few other mods:

If you feel monotony in your world, it is worth trying something new. It will definitely be an interesting evening adventure.