Why does Riot think the character balance changes in patch 11.23 don’t make much sense?

Normally, the patch notes for update 11.23 went live today, but Riot hasn’t released it.

It is today, according to the Riot schedule, that players should learn the introductory notes for the next patch. Normally, there should already be a roster of champions either buffed or nerfed.

This time, however, the developers did not release anything like this, writing that minor character changes will not matter much. Why? It’s all about preseason.

Preseason and character changes

One of the developers explicitly wrote that since 11.23 will contain pre-season content that will significantly change the meta, minor changes will not be as important.

Character changes should therefore be expected in the patch marked as 11.24. As a reminder, according to the schedule 11.23 will appear on November 23, while update 11.24 will only be available on December 8.