What did The Witcher series say about Arcane of the League of Legends universe?

Despite the fact that Arcane had its premiere some time ago, it still arouses very strong emotions.

Henry Cavill is a very famous actor who you will associate with many movie or serial roles. Recently, most people associate him, of course, with the character from The Witcher, which he plays very well.

What does Henry Cavill think of Arcane?

It turns out that the topic of Arcane appeared in one of the BBC interviews. The interviewer asked the actor if he knew Arcane at all. Interestingly, Henry replied that he had not had a chance to watch it yet.


The interview was conducted in early December. The editor’s recommendation was heard, after the interview was published, information appeared that the actor had watched Arcane and he liked it very much.

Of course, this sparked a lot of speculation that maybe Riot would be interested in working with the actor since he spoke positively about the series. Of course, there is no sign of it, but players like to fantasize about such possibilities.